What The Priest and My Daughter Taught Me About Marketing

What a very hot and blazing (literally due to the wildfires) Sunday in Southern California near the San Gabriel Mountains today. It was a family day and went to church in the morning and then proceeded to the bring the kids out to play indoor at a local mall. I know the topic seems weird, but it really happened. I didn’t realize it until I was on my way home and seeing the fire burning and having a conversation with my family about the fire. I know it sounds weird but bear with me and I will explain.

Communion and Community
The priest at church talked about communion and community and that as a society when we commune with food and drinks we normally share stories and let our guard down as we conversate with each other and value is shared among us. We learn more about a person when communing than we do when we just sit down one-on-one with for a sales call, because they freely talk themselves and what they like, need and want when their guard is down and are comfortable.

Social Humans
At the mall my daughter was playing at the indoor playground and I was playing with her and stacking blocks and watching her play, she then proceeded to play with the other kids and she was simply having a blast. Kids, she did not know and never played with. Being 3 years old, we are already programmed to be our best selves when in the presence of others. Maybe this tells us that Cold Calling may not be the best form of interaction with our prospects.

Story Better Than Sales
So as I was heading home, it hit me, this was like Marketing, the message the priest gave and witnessing first hand how my daughter handled socialization. We try to sell to our customers directly and try to commune with them one on one to try to feel its special if we corral our prospects to listen to us and bore them on the features and benefits if buying from us.

But when in fact it is more effective to commune with them to share something of value and then and only then, our expertise and they will listen to us more freely and understand what you do much better. We should be ready to offer something of value before asking someone to buy from us. I remember Frank Kerns Reciprocity book a couple of years back, where he teaches Internet marketers to provide information and advice for free and then offer his service only after he has established value with his prospect

So next time you want think about marketing your products, service or business. Consider communing with your prospects and offer something of value before asking for a sale. Be genuinely interested in listening and learning about their needs and provide them value and the sale will come naturally.