Using Text Message Marketing to Keep Your Customers Coming Back

In todayís technologically advanced world, customers have grown accustomed to instant gratification and can normally get whatever they are looking for with just a click of a button. Additionally, todayís customers are more informed in shopping. Gone are the days of going from store to store in search of a good deal. Instead, customers do their research online and come into a store well-informed.

Another hurdle business owners must overcome in this technological rat race is the amount of marketing to which their customers are exposed. On street corners, in emails, in their smart phone applications, and just about everywhere they look, customers are being sold to. In order to stay competitive, you need to market to customers on their level and avoid having your message get lost in all the other noise.

Text message marketing is an easy, effective, and inexpensive way to reach your customers. Since most people always have their phones on them, your message is sure to be heard. This type of marketing is a great way to stay relevant in your customerís minds, keep them posted on sales and promotions, and, depending on your business, send them reminders or let them know about the status of their order.

Staying relevant can be hard when your customers are always being marketed to. However, text message marketing can set you apart from your competition and can allow you to take your customer service to a higher level. After they have purchased a product from you or used your services, you can add a personal touch by texting the customers a thank you note or by asking about their experience.

Everyone loves a good deal, and text message marketing is the modern way to inform your customers about sales or promotions. Even when they are on the go, your customers will always be up-to-date with what is happening in your store. These promotional texts are perfect for you to let your customers know about things such as:

* Holiday Sales
* Special Discounts
* Percentage Off Codes
* Frequent Buyer Rewards
* Send Out Coupon Codes
* New Menu Items
* New Merchandise
* Announce a New Location
* Announce a Promotional Event
* Share Event Photos
* And Much More

Depending on the type of business that you have, text message marketing can even help you communicate with your customers about appointment reminders, completed jobs, and arrival times. These notification systems are easy to set up, and your customers will appreciate the convenience of being notified directly to their handheld device. Additionally, this can also increase operational functionality.

Text message marketing gives you a direct and instant link to your customers. It is also the perfect way to set your business apart from the competition. Whether you use text message marketing to remind a client about their appointment, or to inform them of a sale, or simply to thank them for using your services, this method of marketing can increase the chances of you gaining a returning customer.