Google Did What? This Can Doom Your Local Business (1 of 2)

Google Local Can Cause This

This is the first part of a two (2) series blog on recovering from the most recent Google algorithm update that has already affected your business.

Local marketing has recently been the most powerful tools used by local businesses to really bring customers and traffic into their doors. Nothing has been more important to local businesses whether you’re a retailer, restaurant, dentist, lawyer or any other locally based business, than being a part of a local community and separating themselves from the competition. conducted a recent survey where as much as 82% of Internet users begin their searches for products and services online and most of these searches are coming by way of a mobile device and Google automatically display localized content. If your business has taken the time to ensure you show up on the results, you were reaping the benefits of this.

Until today and the recent changes by Google initiated just this month of August. You see, every so often Google changes their algorithm’s to better serve their searchers and now they are becoming more and more mobile-centric.  And their most recent changes eliminates the top 7 Google Maps business listing and now only shows 3 businesses.

Old Google 7 Pack Listings

Old Google 7 Pack Listings

That shows 7 plumbers in Letchworth that are ranking on the top of Google and are reaping the rewards of top billing on the results together with the high paying AdWords campaigns.

Now, here’s what the updated and more mobile friendly 3 Pack for local businesses.

After Google 3 Pack Update

After Google 3 Pack Update

How does this affect your business? 

Well, simple, you now have a smaller window of opportunity to dominate Google, and the competition for the top spots just got 10X harder than ever. Isn’t that unbelievable?

  1. Only 3 Local businesses are displayed, the others have been totally wiped out.  Now listings are rotated depending on the users IP Address of the searcher.
  2. No more businesses address and phone numbers on, unlike in the past, searchers do not see your full business contact information upfront and need to look for it on their own.
  3. All Links to Google My Business listings have been removed and clicking on the results generates a new search that is geotargeted depending on the searchers current location.

Now You’ve got 2 options at this time.

  1. Option #1 – Just ride it out and not do anything and see if it changes again. While your competition works and tries to dominate the Top 3 Position. Or…
  2. Option #2 – Take action immediately and do what it takes to make sure you get the attention by doing what you can to rank on the Top 3 and pull away from  your competition who will just sit back and do nothing.

I hope you take Option #2 and do what you can to take back what was taken from you. Don’t worry, I will show you what you can do to start battling your way back to the Top 3 of the Google local search results.

If you’re a local business who needs new customers, please pay close Attention.

The “Three(3) Google tools” you must update and optimize properly to have the slightest chance at showing up in the local search results when your customers try to search for you.

Stay tuned this Sunday and play cost attention for Part Two (2) of this 2 Part Blog series that will show you how to setup, use and optimize these tools correctly and take your business from “unknown” to the MOST “relevant and visited business in your local area.

See you this Sunday. Once I have the next article, I will link HERE so stay tuned.