Presented by: Kristoffer Cardona

You or audience may be interested in this intensive training if:

  • You’ve attempted to create a website and/or market yourself online, and you’ve had little success or added revenue
  • Your competition is marketing themselves online and you need to keep a competitive edge against them
  • Traditional advertising is losing its effectiveness and costing you more money than it earns
  • You have an employee, or want to hire an employee to maintain your website, keep a company blog, or promote your company online
  • You want to capitalize on the HUGE opportunity with social media like videos, podcasts, online radio, and social networks
  • You plan to outsource your online marketing and want a basic education in key strategies so you can effectively manage them without being taken advantage of or getting confused.

Topics covered will include both on and off page optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, and a whole bunch more!

Why Use the Internet to Market Your Business?
Over the next three years 66% of offline businesses, from small businesses and sole proprietorships to large public corporations, will move the majority of their marketing online. This includes your competitors.

Add to this the fact that 60% of companies find online marketing more efficient and profitable than traditional marketing AND that 74% of businesses plan to increase their online spending over the next three years…

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