How to Drive Repeat Sales with Email Marketing

There is no shortage out there of companies eager to sell services that promise to boost your reach and extend your market share. The mindset behind these services is the idea that there is nothing more important than new customers are.

This makes a kind of intuitive sense, so it is an easy sell. Of course, more customers mean more revenue and growth. However, this mindset misses the truth of the matter, which is that getting a customer to return is both harder, and more important than getting a new customer.

The Importance of Regular Customers

The progression goes like this: New customers turn into repeat customers, and repeat customers turn into regular customers. Regular customers are your most valuable resource, because they bring both regular revenue and, most significantly, they bring new customers exponentially, through the power of word of mouth.

With this knowledge in mind, it is clear that the best thing you can do to expand your reach as a business is to drive repeat sales and create new regular customers. That means making an effort to reach out to those that have already found your business, and one of the best ways to do that is through email marketing.

Make It Personal and Experiment
When crafting your email marketing strategy, try to put yourself in the mind of your customers. What do they get out of your product or service? Are there other products or services you provide that they could use? Making these emails as personal as reasonably possible is the key to getting and holding a customerís attention, and creating repeat sales.

It also does not hurt of experiment when conducting email marketing. Experiment with the format and content of the emails, and keep track of what these experiments reveal. Some key elements to experiment with are:

* Length of Email
* Time of Day Email is Sent
* How Often Emails are Sent
* Content of Subject Line
* Call to Action Content

By varying these elements, and seeing what sort of responses you receive and how your sales are affected, you can hone in on the best methods for email marketing for your specific business and location.

Two Key Email Marketing Strategies

One strategy you can use to drive repeat sales and create regular customers with email marketing is informing your customers of your other products and services. A customer might come to you for one service, but not know about another service of yours. If you make them aware of this service through an e-newsletter, then they have another reason to come to you, and all it took was one email.

Another valuable use of email marketing is simply to remind customers that you exist. People have to deal with a lot of information in this day in age. There are just too many companies vying for the business of potential customers. You cannot get business from a customer unless that customer is aware of you and what you do, which is why the entire industry of advertising exists in the first place.

The Potential of Email Marketing

Sending an email out to customers that have not visited in a while, but were satisfied with their experience when they did, refreshes their awareness of you. That way, when they have a need for the service or product you provide, your business will be the first place that comes to mind.

Email marketing is an essential part of winning over repeat customers. A single email can make hundreds of customers aware of a valuable product or service they did not even know you provided, or remind them of what you do and how well you do it.