Booked Morning Podcast Episode 9 – Review and Summary of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

When we talk about or hear about success it’s often attributed to genius, talent and hard work.

This book is Malcolm Gladwell’s third thought provoking book that shines a new perspective on success and how unseen factors contribute to someone’s success and some beyond what we can control.

He is challenging everything we think we know about success and some of the best and most successful individuals. Malcolm presents that external forces, like birth years, where we were born and advantageous opportunities contribute to our success, and not just sheer power of will.

Those of you who have read this Outliers book, may or may not agree with the ideas presented by the author, but being aware of this possibility will allow us to be open to other factors and take advantage of certain opportunities that are presented to us.

Outliers are those people/groups who break the norms.This book presents to us several anecdotes and stories to explain the points the author is trying to make and these are my 6 takeaways.

Let me Leave you with this, Exceptional Success is a result in some unlikely series of opportunities, and circumstance to create the right conditions for success. When an opportunity presents itself, we need to learn to see it and seize it. And finally, there is no shortcut to mastery. We need to put in the hours to master our craft. These factors combined together will help us achieve success.