Booked Morning Podcast Episode 8 – Review and Summary of How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Many of you listeners must be thinking. Win Friends? Like, bribe them? or Influence them, is that the same as manipulating people to do what we want. Today’s mentality is so broken. When I tell some of my friends about this book, they chuckle thinking its a joke.

But this is a classic 1936 book, a time when friends and influence meant something deeper than an Insta Friend or an FB Friend in today’s time. This book brings to us timeless lessons about learning the basic rules for making a great first impression and winning people over to understanding where you are coming from.

Contained in this book is 29 principles on how to deal with people and broken down into 4 parts from the techniques in handling people to becoming a more effective leader and getting buy-in from others.

Starting today, when we deal with ours, we should make sure we keep a smile, attentively listen to them and show our genuine appreciation for them. This will make dealing with us more favorable to them and they will be more inclined to see our point of view and listen.