Booked Morning Podcast Episode 4 – Review and Summary of Who Moved My Cheese by Dr Spencer Johnson

Today’s book that I will be sharing is one of the most powerful and popular business books on how to embrace change. We often hear the phrase, “The only thing constant is change.” We know deep inside this is true, we have had so many experiences in life that have proved this concept over and over again. And yet we often forget or loose sight of this and are not always prepared for the change. Or we refuse to accept it when it does come.

This book breaks that concept down for us and into an entertaining story presented as a parable where 2 mice (sniff and Scurry) and 2 little people Hem and Haw live in a maze and are presented with change.

And this is their story. Their life revolves around the pursuit and the enjoyment of cheese.

Every single day, we face changes. There are many things we know and are comfortable with, and it’s very difficult to let them know. But in order for us to grow and improve, letting go of what we know is essential.

The sooner we let go of old things the faster we are able to acquire new skills for a better tomorrow. When we are able to change what we believe in, we can then change what we do.