Booked Morning Podcast Episode 25 – Review and Summary of The Obstacle Is the Way: The Ancient Art of Turning Adversity to Advantage by Ryan Holiday

I am very excited to present you this book. I am a big Fan of Ryan Holiday, he has written several best-selling books that I have enjoyed and I have applied to my work and life. For someone like me who lives a very busy life, juggling multiple things in my life as a father with 3 kids with a demanding career and someone who has plenty of extracurricular activities and projects, I felt he wrote this book for me. I often think about the results of my work initiatives and strategies, and life challenges.

Ryan presents us an ancient philosophy of Stoicism to conquer obstacles and gave it a modern twist. These Stoic philosophies have been applied by ancient success figures like Marcus Aurelius which was the main inspiration for this book all the way to modern presidents, actors, and athletes, who have turned adversity into success stories.

We learn that sometimes we must stand our ground, or move sideways or even go backward in order to overcome obstacles in our way to success.

As you know, with this podcast, I have committed to studying new books on a daily basis to improve myself and leave something for my kids to study, which itself has been very challenging, and then documenting my process with podcasts. With almost 30 books into this, Sometime’s I have not been happy with the results of the episodes, I have not been sure if I am giving too much information or maybe not enough. Maybe the ideas are too complicated or maybe not presented well enough to offer value.  This book came just at the right time for me because it deals with 3 keys that I need to adjust in my life.

My perception, or how I look at problems and my attitudes, also Actions, the energy, and creativity I need to exert in order to convert problems into opportunities, and My Will, to maintain an inner will to help me push through some difficulties. So Let’s dive in.

So Let’s dive in.

Allow me to leave you with this

Let us all  Stay objective and tweak the way we internalize things. Don’t get stuck in the past or dwell on the future, we need to always find good in the bad. We also need to Learn from every failure, we need to stay “in the zone” with deliberate focus, even when we don’t win, we need to keep boldly moving ahead. And when the world tries to knock us off our path, we must exert our willpower through resilience, humility, and flexibility.