Booked Morning Podcast Episode 24 – Review and Summary of Sometimes you Win, Sometimes you Learn by John Maxwell

In life, we often wonder, what important lessons our failures teaches us. And what part of our failures gives us the best life lessons to take with us and how can we have the mindset to not focus on the negatives but learn from them.This inspiring book by John Maxwell teaches us exactly how to learn and cope with our falls.

On our way to achieving our success, we fall, but if we put just winning ahead of learning, we will never be able to move forward and realize that failures are a part of the process and actually learn from them.


But the reality is, life is about falling and getting up, from the time we are children all the way to our death bed. It’s the things that we learn along the way that allows us to overcome future obstacles, including the more complicated problems.

Let’s dive into the Podcast.

My favorite quote from this book is very short

“Mistakes can often be our best teachers.”

Allow me to leave you with this.

It doesn’t matter how many times we fail; what matters is how much we learn from our failures. Life is hard and often unfair.The most important question is not “What am I getting?” but “What am I becoming?”To achieve our potential, we must be willing to say, “I am responsible.” Success comes from making a persistent effort and performing several small steps daily.Each time you confront what you fear, you get stronger and closer to achieving success.