Booked Morning Podcast Episode 22 – Review and Summary of The ONE Thing Book by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan

This was an extraordinary book, combined with Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule Book. My gosh, with these 2, you can accomplish anything. The ONE Thing book presents us an exciting but very simple approach to productivity, based around a single question to help us declutter our life from stress, distractions and provide more focus and energy to achieving our success.

What’s the ONE THING I can do right now – which will make everything else easier or unnecessary?

The first thing that is presented in the book that really best summed it up was this Russian proverb.


The ultimate key to achieving more in our life, our business and career are to concentrate on the One Thing which will deliver us the most value and extraordinary results.

An excerpt from the book, I would like to read to you is this.

“The way to get the most out of your work and your life is to go as small as possible. Most people think just the opposite. They think big success is time-consuming and complicated. As a result, their calendars and to-do lists become overloaded and overwhelming. Success starts to feel out of reach, so they settle for less. Unaware that big success comes when we do a few things well, they get lost trying to do too much and in the end accomplish too little. Over time they lower their expectations, abandon their dreams, and allow their life to get small. This is the wrong thing to make small.” – Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

It might sound counterintuitive, but the key to achieving more is to consciously try and do fewer things, not more.

This allows us to be certain that the things we are focusing on are the things that count the most towards our goals. We need to find ways to eliminate all the unnecessary busy stuff which eats up our time and attention this will lessen our stress and give us more time for what really counts.  Achieving more, means think big but go small. We need to figure out what the One Thing which delivers the most bang for our buck and do that alone.

Let’s talk dive in and talk about The ONE THING System For Getting More Done

My favorite quote from the book is “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” -George Bernard Shaw

The author says
Put yourself together, and your world falls into place. When you bring purpose to your life, know your priorities, and achieve high productivity on the priority that matters most every day, your life makes sense and the extraordinary becomes possible.

Allow me to Leave you with this

Success can be achieved by focusing on ONE thing, not many things. When we journey towards our ONE thing, we need to avoid the obstacles that prevent us from realizing our goals. And finally, we need to break through the noise and chaos and do our best work and effort towards where it really counts.