Booked Morning Podcast Episode 21 – Review and Summary of Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade Book by Robert Cialdini

This was a very a powerful book that presents Psychology Hacking ideas. It was filled with scientific studies and anecdotal stories that most of us who want to make our life better by positively influencing those around us can relate to.

Lots of you that are into marketing may have heard his first book, Influence. In this book, Robert Cialdini builds on the lessons and strategies from his Influence by going deeper into the idea of persuasion, and that the secret is not the content or message itself but the key is the moment before the message is delivered.

Robert sheds light on how the creative diversion of attention leads to successful pre-suasion and gets your targeted audience primed and ready to say, “Yes.”

Some interesting finds from this book I wanted to share before diving in.

– When we are exposed to French music, we are more likely to purchase French Wine.
– By covering a website with pictures of pennies, we are more inclined to buy inexpensive furniture.
– We will likely be more in an analytical mindset if we viewed a picture of Rodin’s The Thinker.
– When someone hands you a hot chocolate, you are more likely to feel warm to that person.

Very interesting stuff.

So what separates good communicators from truly successful persuaders?

By building on the same combination of lessons that made his Influence an iconic bestseller Robert explains how to take advantage of the essential window of time before the sale or message delivery.

He calls this the “privileged moment for change” which prepares people to be more receptive to a message before they experience it.

He says “Optimal persuasion is achieved only through optimal pre-suasion.” In other words, to change “minds” a pre-suader must also change “states of mind.”

Let’s dive into the psychology that allows us to take advantage of that privileged moment.

Allow me to leave you with this.

Pre-suasion is an art of preparing someone to engage in an activity by delivering certain directive actions, or uttering certain directive sentences, before the actual moment of decision. This is pre-suasion: setting the stage and putting the pieces into place, thus getting people to say or do what we need.

As always in persuasion, there are questions of ethics. With an understanding of human psychology and persuasion “hacks,” it may be tempting to use these techniques unethically. As leaders, we need to be very responsible in using these psychological hacks in order to affect people in a positive way.