Booked Morning Podcast Episode 16 – Review and Summary of Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t by Jim Collins

This book was from Jim Collins, he was the best-selling author of another book, Built to Last, which explored what made companies great companies and how they sustained that greatness over time. He then wondered, there are many companies that never make the leap from good companies, while others turned their long-term weakness into long-term domination. This is how he got the idea to make this second book.

The author and his team studied companies for 15 years from 1965 to 1995, the goal of the study was to weed out the short success and focus on the companies that thrived. Out of about 1400 companies, only 11 great companies stood out and took the leap from good to great.

From these 11 great companies came the 7 distinct patterns that he presents in this book which found leadership, disciplined teams, thought and action were what allowed good companies to make the leap from good great.

Let’s dive in listen to this episode.

Putting all the concepts together, I want to leave you with this.

We can lead our businesses and organizations to make a leap from mediocre to great by following specific strategic concepts with the right leader and people working in a culture of self-discipline.