Booked Morning Podcast Episode 15 – Review and Summary of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff; and It’s All Small Stuff by Dr. Richard Carlson

In today’s life, we are all bombarded by stuff… we face challenges in today’s modern lives that older generations didn’t have. Technology that was supposed to make our lives easier has made life almost a 24/7 challenge. It’s become harder and harder to disconnect from our email inbox, rushing to commute, and people who simply drive us insane.

The lessons shared by Dr. Carlson aim to keep us from letting the little, stressful things in life, take over our peace and happiness. and he aims to help us find peace and calm in a stressful world to get the most out of our lives.

Dr. Carlson offers 100 meditations crafted to keep our emotions in check, cherish family and friends, and deeply appreciate our lives.

A favorite quote of mine from the book is

“The first step in becoming a more peaceful person is to have the humility to admit that, in most cases, you’re creating your own emergencies. Life will usually go on if things don’t go according to plan.”

Allow me to leave you with this…

Our life is a reflection of our thoughts. Let’s Ask us: Is there any way we can become even more loving than we already are? Can we fill our heart with more loving kindness? Can we, despite the fact that there are less than perfect people in our world, think loving thoughts about ourselves and about others?

Staying calm, even in the most challenging situations, think positively and take the time to appreciate the important people in our lives and let go of our animosities. Live in each moment,

When we learn not sweat the small stuff, we will find real happiness and peace of mind.