4 Killer Mobile Marketing Tips That Are Guaranteed to Increase Your Bottom Line

The next time you visit a public place take a moment to look around and you will see that the one thing almost everyone around you has in common is that they are carrying cellphone and it is always within reach.

For this reason, suggestions and tips on how to implement mobile marketing in order to reach more customers is one of the hottest trends making its way through blogs, forums, and social media sites. There are tried and proven tactics for improving mobile marketing strategies. The key is keeping up with your competition and thinking outside of the box in order to keep the attention of a potential customer. The best thing about mobile marketing is that when you find the right combination of products, advertising and delivery, your campaign is destined to be a success.

Tip # 1: Keep your messages to your customers personal.

There are several different platforms that can be used to create mobile marketing campaigns. It is essential that you choose one that automatically individualizes each contact’s name. You may only have 160 characters to get your message across, but it is vital to make sure that the recipient’s name is included. In this aspect, mobile marketing is not any different then email marketing. Your main goal is to build a relationship with your customer in order to entice him to click on the specified link. It may be a text message, but the format of the message must be as personal as possible.

Tip #2: Building a relationship with your customer means being upfront and open about who you are.

The first few words of your message should let the customer know who you are and what it is that you want. Not following this strategy can leave some recipients feeling like their privacy is being intruded on. Remember, most mobile devices have a block caller feature and that is the one button you do not want them to utilize.

Tip # 3 Just in case you customer is not a fan of mobile marketing, include an opt out feature that is not difficult to locate and use.

Of course you do not want to make this a central part of your message, but by allowing customers to feel as if they have a choice in what they are receiving and viewing you are much more likely to make them think twice about deleting or opting out of your ads. Instead of feeling like the marketing strategy is intrusive, the customer will view it as friendly and inviting.

Tip # 4 Keep messages consistent and let your customers know about your plans for future messages.

Inform your customer of how many ads you intend to send out per week or monthly. Give them the option to choose how many of those messages they wish to receive and if you can, give them the option of the types of content that the messages will contain. This way you know you are sending out messages that are relevant to your customers needs and wants.

When it comes to mobile marketing, and marketing in general, keep in mind that as the advertiser you are actually doing the consumer a service by educating him on the latest products, news, and ideas.

You are doing the research for your customer and placing the information in the palm of his hand. Also remember that because the world of marketing is changing daily at a lightening quick pace, mobile marketing is necessary in order to keep up with consumer demands.

Stick to the rules, keep customer satisfaction at the forefront of your mind when brainstorming for ideas, and stay focused on moving forward with your mobile marketing goals. Read, research, and listen to both consumers as well as other businesses. Then sit back as your successful mobile campaigns continue to grow your marketing business.